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Fraley Auction Co. was founded by Max A. Fraley in 1950 as a sole proprietorship.  In the 1967, Max made this profession his full time business.  In 1973 his son Harold started Auctioneers and they began a partnership till 1982 when Max retired.  In 1994 Adam (Harold's Son) began auctioneering and in 2003 they formed Fraley Auction Co., Inc.

Over the course of  55 years Fraley Auction Co., Inc. has grown to become one of PA's largest and oldest Auction Companies.  Our growth is mainly due to quality service and knowledge of the Product we are selling.  We credit our Good Business on doing Good Business.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured and fully capable of doing any kind of auctions.  We have a completely computerized auction system with a mobile office, tents, dairy cattle auction ring, auction truck topper, and a great longtime support team. Equipped with all the tools to support you through any phase of an auction.

The Fraley Farm Complex is located at our Farm (1515 Kepner Hill Road, Muncy, PA.) where Dairy Cattle are sold in our modern Dairy Barn, complete with the Dairy Sale Ring.  Over 7000 head sold annually through Public Auctions and Private treaty.  We will sell on Commission or we buy you out at private treaty.  It is also well known location for our 2 annual Machinery Consignment Auctions.  (The largest Auction of its kind in PA).

PA Lic # RY71L
Licensed and Bonded
Member of PA Auctioneers Association
Our experience doesn't cost you, IT PAYS!

Adam Fraley


Harold with co-workers


Large crowds at every event