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Upcoming Auctions


Tuesday, January 1, 2019   8:00 AM
at 11715 Old Turnpike Road, Mifflinburg, PA
Hoover Tractor Consignment Auction
Farm & Construction Equipment
Trucks, Trailers, Farm Related Items

For more pictures go to:

to bid on line go to

January 26, 2019   12:00 Noon
at the Fraley Dairy Complex, Muncy, PA
D-Andrews Holsteins
 Complete Milking Herd Dispersal

75 Milking - 5 Bred Heifers
Owners: Duane & Ellen Andrews
Catalog available at

February 23, 2019,   9:00 AM
at 11788 Rt 216 (Scaggsville Road), Fulton MD
Complete liquidation of
Maple Lawn Turkey Farm

Provided fresh turkeys for the last 80 years
All Turkey Growing & Processing Equipment

For pictures & online bidding go to:


March 7, 2019  10:30 AM
at 2516A Jefferson Pike, Jefferson, MD  21755
Mid-View Farm
Complete Herd Dispersal
400 head Holstein Dairy Cattle
One of the finest freestall herds ever offered !
One of the oldest Dairies in MD (shipping milk for 96 years)
Owners:  The Tucker Family

March 8, 2019   2:00 PM
at 100 Mill Road, Turbotville, PA
6 Parcels Real Estate
Approx. 68 acres w/House & Barn
Approx. 30 acres open land
Approx. 35 acres land
Approx 14 acres land
Approx 4 & 2.5 acres land
Owner:  Whispering Spring Farm

March 16, 2019   11:00 AM
at the Fraley Dairy Complex
1515 Kepner Hill Road, Muncy, PA  17756
Hard Core Selection Sale II
70 Head of the finest Milking Shorthorns

March 23, 2019  8:00 AM
at the Fraley Complex, Muncy, PA
Fraley's Annual Spring Consignment Auction

"This is the Big One, the One they all talk about"
Selling:  Farm & Construction Equipment, Trucks, Trailers
Vehicles, RTV's, Side by Sides, Golf Carts, 4 Wheelers
The Largest Lawn & Garden Equipment anywhere!

March 30, 2019
located at 15N638 Walker Road, Hampshire, IL 60140
The Best of Luck E Holsteins
50th Anniversary Sale

150 Head of the Finest from Luck E Holsteins
{70 Cows & 70 Heifers}
The Auction of 2019
Owners:  Joe & Matt Engel

catalogs on Cowbuyer

Thursday, April 4, 2019  5:30 PM
located at 6173 Nittany Valley Drive, Mill Hall, PA
Moore Farm Machinery Dispersal
4 Tractors, Farm Machinery
Owner:  Shawn Moore

April 6, 2019    10:30 AM
at Remsen, NY
Jones Farm Complete Farm Machinery Dispersal
Owner:  Jones Farm

April 10, 2019    11:00 AM
at 513 Valley Road, Tamaqua, PA
60 Acre Farm & 19 Acre Farmette
JD 7430 Tractor, Equipment, Angus Cattle Herd
Valley Angus Farms
 George & Deborah Donnon

May 4, 2019   8:00 AM
at the Fraley Farm Complex, Muncy, PA
Fraley's Annual Lawn & Garden Event
Antiques,  Boats, Campers, Lawn Equipment
RTV's, Golf Carts, Trailers
Outdoor & Indoor Furniture, Antiques
Shrub's, Trees, 100's hanging flower baskets, Plants
Flowers & Planters

Everything for your Home, Farm, Cabin & River Lot

Wednesday Evening,
May 8, 2019   5:00 PM
at 23 Frantz Road, Hughesville, PA
4 Tractors, Farm Machinery, Tools,
JD Memorabilia

Owner:  Carlos Snyder Estate

May 10, 2019  11:00 AM
at the Fraley Dairy Complex, Muncy, PA
180 Registered Jersey Cattle
Owner:  Domino Farms

May 14, 2019   9:00 AM
at 225 Church Road, Stillwater, PA
Farm Machinery, 50 Holstein Dairy Heifers
3 Work Horse, Produce Equipment, Etc.

Owners:  Levi K & Naomi Zook

May 17, 2019     7:00 PM
at the Fraley Dairy Complex, Muncy, PA
Complete Milking Herd Dispersal
100 Registered Holstein Cattle
Owner:  Aaron & Kim Butler

Catalog on

May 25, 2019     9:00 AM
at 436 Numidia Drive, Catawissa, PA
30+ Tractors, 75+ Trucks & Trailers
Equipment & Inventory
Owner:  Abraczinskas Nursery

May 30, 2019   10:30 AM
at 2845 W Kennedy Road, Peotone, IL
110 Head Milking ~ 90 Heifers & Calves
Owner:  K-Lane Farms


Wednesday Evening,
June 12, 2019    4:00 PM
at 1661 Strawbridge Road, Hughesville, PA
Beautiful 18 acre Home, Garage & Pond
Antiques, Household Goods, Tools, Tractor
Antique Car, Etc.
Owners:  Richard & Nancy Ferrell

June 15, 2019    9:00 AM
at 716 Shadle Road, Jersey Shore, PA
Antiques, Tractors, Machinery, Tools
 Old Advertising Signs

of the late  G "Dean" Lehman
Owner:  Jacque Lehman

Thursday Evening,
June 20, 2019   6:00 PM
at 953 Schuyler Road, Turbotville, PA
Farm Machinery, 2 Tractors, Skid Loader
Barn & Dairy Equipment
 Household Goods

Owner:  Noah & Sylvia Hostetler

June 22, 2019   9:00 AM
at 1720 Sylvan Dell Road, Williamsport, PA
Excavating Equipment
4 Crawlers, 3 Dump Trucks, Backhoe Tractor
Shop Tools

Owner:  Keith Kmetz

June 25, 2019    5:00 PM
at 1300 Susquehanna Trail, Watsontown, PA
Rovendale Overstock - Parts & Inventory

Friday, June 28, 2019  10:30 AM
at 3 Sproul Road, Christiana, PA
"The Legacy of Golden Rose"
115 Reg Holsteins - Farm Equipment - Feed
Owner:  Rusty Herr

Thursday Evening,
July 11, 2019    7:00 PM
at the Fraley Dairy Complex, Muncy, PA
"The Jersey Summer Bash"
100 head Jersey cows, heifers, calves
featuring 60 amazing consignments from:
Rivendale Farms, Bulger, PA

many other choice consignments

Thursday Evening,
August 8, 2019   6:00 PM
at 615 Lubolds School Road, Lykens, PA
Forage Equipment, Rubber Tire Loaders
Tractors, Skid Loaders, Farm Machinery

Owner:  Earl & Tamie Campbell




























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